How do I use my account?

Last updated 15th July

Using a new account at any website can sometimes be confusing, so we've written this guide to answer any questions you might have as to what each section is for.


Track the clicks, customers and commission you've earned from your betting partners. Your performance for the current month is displayed by default, but you can search between any 2 dates using the tool provided.


View the history of commission you've been paid, or are due to be paid at the end of any given month.


Manage the marketing sources where you'll be placing widgets or installing one of our website templates.


Retrieve referral links for your betting partners if you wish to generate customers via means other than the widgets or website templates we've provided.


Manage your subscription plan, create new widgets or make changes to your existing ones.


Download invoices and files for website templates you've purchased from our store.


Download invoices and logos for gambling domains you've purchased from our store.


View transactions made via your Betting.Partners account, including subscriptions, website templates or domains.


Manage your personal / business information. This is expected to be up to date so that we can process your payment every month.


Retrieve your referral link and view your earnings for the customers you've already referred.

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