How do I use widgets?

Last updated 6th July

If you already operate an established website that receives traffic, no matter the industry, rest assured our betting widgets can provide you with the most lucrative of advertising solutions. Our widgets are interactive, device responsive, GEO targeted and entirely customisable, ensuring you never miss an opportunity to monetise from your users. We've written up a few tips to keep in mind when creating widgets for your website, to achieve the best conversion rate:

Selecting countries

The first step to creating a widget involves selecting the countries you're able to advertise your betting partners in. Unless you're looking to advertise in just 1 specific country where your website is lacking monetisation, then we suggest selecting all. Even if you select a country where your website doesn't receive any users, it's better to have more than less!

Selecting betting partners

At the next stage you'll be able to select the betting partners you'd like to advertise within your widget. By default, the ones who pay the highest commission are selected, however we do suggest a few manual changes.

Firstly, take a look at the gender of your website's user base using Google Analytics. If the majority are male, it's best practice to select plenty of sports partners. If the majority are female, we recommend selecting bingo partners, as bingo is statistically more popular among females. It's also a good idea to select at least 1 casino partner, as casino is the most profitable form of online gambling and customers are likely to spend much more money, meaning you'll earn much bigger commissions!

If you operate a website where your users are already likely to be avid gamblers (football blog, sports news), then the following applies to you: Only select 1 big named betting partner (Betfred, Ladbrokes, Coral, William Hill etc), as the chances are most of your users who'll see your widget are already customers of these websites, making it almost impossible for you to generate new customers. You should select around 2/3 less popular betting websites to advertise, as this gives your users more options to choose from and creates a bigger opportunity for you to generate new customers.


Once you've selected some partners to display in your widget, you'll be brought to the last step where you can style it, customise it, and choose a layout you like best. You should use colours and font's that fit within your website's current theme, as this makes your widget a reliable and trustworthy source for your users to pay attention to.

You'll also be required to select a widget layout that you'd like to embed on your website. When doing this, take into consideration where on your website you'll be placing your widget, as some layouts fit better in a wide-space, others are better in the sidebar. Not to worry though, as you can always change this later if you think a different widget layout might fit better than the one you initially selected.

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