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Last updated 14th January

There are hundreds, if not thousands of affiliate websites that are absolutely thriving in the online betting industry, the majority of which were founded by people right from their bedrooms. We've seen some remarkable cases over the years where affiliate websites that have been founded by just 1 person, go on to be acquired by PLC companies in deals worth tens of millions of pounds.

We'll go through some of the biggest publicly made acquisitions for UK facing betting affiliate websites, and how much money we know these websites were earning in order to achieve such astonishing sale prices from the 'Super Affiliate' companies who bought them.

So, here's our list of the highest recorded sales for UK facing betting affiliate websites that were originally created by either 1 person or a small privately run company:

Website Monthly Earnings Annual Earnings Sale Price

As you can see, there have been some hefty deals for sports and casino operating affiliate websites, and this is just the tip of the iceberg. Many affiliates are earning much more money than the sites above and for that reason they don't feel the need to sell. If you do the math for the majority of the acquisitions listed above, you'll see why many affiliates don't feel the need to sell. It's because the sales prices are the equivalent to a few years worth of earnings paid upfront, so they'd still earn that money one way or another.

That sums up the highest earning affiliate websites that have been acquired and we can confirm that many of the original owners of the websites listed above went on to start more affiliate websites shortly after selling these ones, and you can understand why... There's some serious money involved for just being the middleman.

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