Top 10 industries to be an affiliate

Last updated 16th January

One of the major perks of being an affiliate is that you can easily switch between industries, as once you understand the overall concept of affiliate marketing it can be applied to any industry.

There are many industries to choose from, however some pay better commissions and are easier to find customers for than others, so we've put together this list of top industries to become an affiliate in.

#1 Online Betting

Online betting takes the #1 spot on our list, as it's what we specialise in so we understand exactly how lucrative and financially rewarding it can be. 42% of the UK population are betting online and it's a market that generated £14.1bn in the 12 month period between April 2019 and March 2020. Thanks to this, the companies who operate online betting websites are in a position to pay their affiliates amazingly in comparison to the standard of other industries. For example, if you're an e-commerce affiliate you might expect to earn 5% commission for referring a sale to a companies product, but in the online betting industry you can often expect to earn £80+ from referring a customer who spends just £10 or more, which is a whopping 800% in commission. This is based on the theory that the customer will eventually spend much more than £80 during their time as a customer of the betting website, and so the betting website is willing to pay an upfront commission while they wait for that to happen. But even if it doesn't happen, it's a risk the betting website is willing to take and you'll be paid upfront nonetheless. To become an online betting affiliate, click here.

#2 Forex Trading

Forex trading is becoming more of a trend and you'll probably have heard of someone who's into it by now. Not only can it be profitable if you know how to trade forex, but it's also a great industry to be an affiliate in. If you can somehow find people who'll sign up to a forex website, you could earn thousands of pounds in commission. One of the downsides to be aware of here is the customers you refer are usually required to spend amounts of up to £500 before you receive your commission, which can sometimes be hard to achieve as not many people are willing to risk that sort of money.

#3 Amazon

Amazon actually invented affiliate marketing, following the launch of their affiliate program in 1996, so it's only right we give them a top 3 spot. Amazon can be a really great way to make money as an affiliate if you have your own product review website or Facebook page which you can refer customers through, although you'd need to refer a heck of a lot of customers to make a living from it as they only pay 1-10% commission and most of their products cost less than £100.

#4 Website Hosting

Website hosting is hot in demand and flying off the shelves as new websites pop-up online every day in need of a place to stay. Some of the biggest providers like GoDaddy have their own affiliate programs where they'll pay you lifetime commission for each customer you refer, every time they purchase a hosting plan and renew it.

#5 Online Dating

Online dating is hugely popular and many people pay for access to niche dating websites in hopes of finding their match. Thanks to services like White Label Dating, this is something you can easily become an affiliate of and earn yourself a commission every time you get someone to sign up to one of their dating sites and pay for a subscription. There are a few bonuses with this as it costs nothing to start and many people are open to the online dating concept nowadays, however it can be quite hard to find customers who are actually willing to pay for access to a dating website.

#6 Travel

Almost everyone books holidays online today, making the online travel industry a soaring market to be in. In fact, the biggest hotel website, Trivago, is an affiliate website. Trivago simply compares the prices offered by the actual booking websites such as, then earn a commission by referring holidaymakers to them. You'd be quite able to start a service like this of your own, as and many other booking sites have affiliate programs that you can apply to in order to earn around 25% of the commission the booking site receive from the hotel. E.g. If the hotel booking costs £500, the booking site might earn 10% commission from this (£50), and you'll then earn 25% of that 10% (£12.50). It's not the biggest commission, but there are millions of holidaymakers booking online every year.

For now, these 6 industries are the only ones we would recommend starting your affiliate business in. There are hundreds and hundreds of other ones, however these are the biggest markets that pay fair commissions and are straightforward to apply and get accepted into.

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