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Earn affiliate income using our Musicly Template to drive traffic to Sports Betting & Casino websites. This template is a 100% Turn-Key solution, pre-populated with multiple partners and affiliate links to get you started. View our deals to see how much you could earn referring customers to each of the partners via the integrated affiliate links.

What’s included?

When you purchase this website template you’ll get full access to the template files, database, and admin system, which you can download and install on your server using the instructions provided, or purchase the Website Hosting add-on for £9.99 during checkout and we’ll set it up on our server for you.

You’ll need a domain name, which you can purchase for as little as £5/yr on websites such as

How do I earn money?

Each customer you refer to a Sports Betting / Casino website via your template is tracked using the integrated affiliate links, which are connected to your Betting.Partners account so you can view your clicks, customers and commission in realtime. We then pay your commission into your bank account the following month.


If you plan on driving traffic to your website using SEO, we’ve got you covered. All of our templates are fully optimised for the recommendations outlined by Google, including:

  • Customisable URL structures
  • Image ALT & Title text
  • Structured data markups
  • Customisable Title & Meta tags
  • Super-fast page loading
  • Mobile / tablet optimisation


The admin system is where you’ll be able to manage the website from and is designed to be code-free, allowing you to create amazing content without worrying about the complicated stuff. You can Click Here for a demo.