Website Templates

Easy to setup

Built-in hosting makes the process of going live a whole lot easier.


Easily customise your website to create something your users will love.

Device responsive

Your users get the best experience, whichever device they’re using.

SEO Optimised

Gain organic traffic from Google searches thanks to built-in optimisations.

GEO targeted

Monetise globally by promoting betting websites to your users based on their country.

Easy to manage

Easily create new content and make changes via the admin system.

Website Templates FAQ

What is a website template?

A website template is a plug-in that determines the style of how your website looks to your users, allowing you to focus on creating content without worrying about design or coding. Take a PowerPoint layout as an example, you simply select one you like and fill it with content.

In this case, our templates allow you to create your own betting comparison website, which you can use to attract new potential betting customers and refer them to the betting websites you’re partnered with, earning you a commission every time this process takes place.

One of the major advantages of our website templates is they offer you the opportunity to buy directly from the experts, who understand exactly what it takes to create a successful betting comparison website that will attract high-paying customers.

How will a website make me money?

With a betting comparison website, the majority of your users will be visiting as they’re genuinely looking to compare which betting website they should open an account with. Your website therefore has the power to assist their decision and refer them to a betting website you’re partnered with, earning you a commission as soon as they place a bet.

If you’re not already partnered with any betting websites, you’ll instantly be able to partner with all of the betting websites listed here upon opening your account with us. For existing affiliates, you’ll be able to insert your own affiliate links on your template.

How can I keep track of my commission?

If you’ve partnered with betting websites directly via our platform, you can view the clicks, customers, and commission your website generates by logging in to your Betting.Partners account and visiting the ‘reports’ section. Your commission is calculated and paid at the end of every month via a method of your choice.

What do I need to create a website?

To create a website using one of our templates, all you’ll need is a domain name. If you don’t have one, you can purchase one from £5/yr on websites such as We’ll then be able to connect the template to your domain name via our server and share access to the admin system where you can manage it from.