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Our advertising tools let you monetise online by generating new customers for betting websites.

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How does it work?

We’ve built a library of advertising tools that allows you to make money generating new customers for betting websites as a partner of theirs. Depending on your requirements, our widgets provide you with a monetisation solution for your existing website, or our website templates can be your very own money-making betting comparison website.

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Promote the advertising tools to generate new customers for the betting websites.


Earn commission by embedding your current affiliate links or using our ones.
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Connect with multiple betting websites seeking new customers.

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Access the best tools to advertise the betting websites.

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Get up to £5,000 in bonuses, every month.

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Use your own affiliate links for betting websites you’re already partnered with.

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The Advertising Tools

Monthly Commission Bonuses

When you earn:
£5,000 - £9,999
When you earn:
£10,000 - £24,999
When you earn:

"Used a popular choice website builder that I won't name, and the one thing I've learnt is you cannot do much with something as simple as a visual website builder. The SEO options were limited, the coding was hard for Google to read, and I really struggled to boost my rankings. That's all changed since upgrading to a template from betting partners, as I've jumped up to 1K+ clicks per month on Google and still rising."


"I had no experience in running a website, nor did I understand much about online betting. The guides that've been provided are absolutely amazing, as I've now learnt an entire industry and managed to make £730 commission in my first month. Very determined and excited to see what the future holds."


"The website templates are developed by some highly skilled individuals who really know the requirements of their target market, everything is much more organised than the WordPress template I was using before. Definitely glad I made the switch to BP, well worth the investment."


"Betting Partners is the key this industry has been missing for a long time. I'm affiliated in many industries and always wanted to enter gambling without all the complications, and BP have literally made it as easy as opening a social media account. Amazing work guys."


"I purchased my template and domain directly from Betting Partners, they installed my website and sent me access to the admin account in less than 1 hour. Their prices are also great for the products they sell, as I was quoted almost £3,000 by a private development company."

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